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The Snider Therapy Team in Birmingham, Alabama

My husband and I have a neuro-developmental optometric practice in Birmingham, Alabama. Since acquiring Firefly in March of 2020, our experience with this modality opened our eyes (pun intended) to the wide variety of individuals who could be treated. Firefly helped us develop a new division for our practice since our patient population exploded due to word-of-mouth referrals, and the cost of the unit was recouped within months. The ability to provide such a powerful treatment modality for our patients has been phenomenal. We are profoundly grateful to the Bales for engineering this system.

Dr. Sharon L. Snider, Snider Therapy Centers


“After applying Firefly Light Therapy on my father (who has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease) for about 3-4 weeks, he is more alert and responsive and his neck flexibility has improved so he can turn his head from left to right. Moreover, it has helped him swallow. I am so grateful for this therapy and believe there will be more positive outcomes as we continue treatment. Thank you!”

Colleen P.

Linda shares how Firefly gave her relief from neuropathy


“I can safely say that in the more than 30 years I have been a medical-care provider, no technology has had a more profound effect on my practice – and on the lives of my patients.”

Listen to Dr. Len Saputo in this video to the left.

Len Saputo, M.D.


My family members are raving about the benefits of our Home Firefly treatments.

• My partner was rapidly descending into the fog of Alzheimer’s. The Firefly treatments combined with a mostly plant-based Ketogenic diet have resulted in changes that are frankly, miraculous. His gait, mood, sense of humor, and comprehension have markedly improved.

• My sister feels relief from the treatment for her knees. While acupuncture has helped to a certain level, the Firefly has been a great additional tool to alleviate pain.

• My son senses a benefit from the Firefly for cranial treatment – I am not at liberty to discuss his issues but I can report that my son feels markedly more grounded and happier. 

We love the Firefly!



“Our grown daughter was exposed to Covid-19 and woke up the next day with a sore throat. By day 3 of her quarantine she was getting very sick and began Firefly treatments using our home unit after she lost her sense of taste. She followed the Covid protocol and by the time she had finished the 5 minute treatment her sense of taste returned!” 

Christine from Sequim WA

Sara experiences neck and shoulder relief after years of pain

 Deanna gets pain relief after one Firefly Light Therapy session


“Our Acupuncture practice in Natick Massachusetts chose to add Firefly Light Therapy for conditions associated with pathogens, pain, and neurological conditions. We have seen remarkable results. The Firefly Light device is truly a valuable asset to any clinic that enjoys the latest cutting-edge therapy.”

Betty Woo, Licensed Acupuncturist

Radiant Wellness & Acupuncture Center


This is mind-blowing technology! In my quest to find healing for myself and my family, I came across Dr. Bales. He immediately thought my fiancé had parasites (which was true). His GERD, acid reflux and IBS have improved considerably. I believe this was due to the supplements that the clinic we went to prescribed him along with the Firefly Light Therapy and energy work. Amazing results!

The same holds true for my parents. My mom had an infection on her leg that cleared up immediately, and she has been struggling with liver problems and aching joints which seem to have improved. Turns out she also had nasty pathogens which the Firefly zapped. 

I believe her improvement is due to the energy work we received in Visalia along with the Firefly. My dad has been dealing with kidney cancer and is in remission, but he has been peeing a lot with pain. Ever since the energy work and the Firefly he has not been getting up as much in the middle of the night and is in much better spirits.

The energy work and Firefly greatly improved my mobility. I had no idea how stiff I really was until I was treated. I love this product and would recommend it to everyone with any type of issue. I am considering purchasing the home unit now! Thank you Bales family for putting this product out there. God bless!”

Angela, John, and Maria Rozum

Received Treatment at: Fukushima Health and Wellbeing In Visalia, CA


“I had a skin rash on my hands for three months that was not only extremely painful, but I was incapable of using my hands and had lost my job. I had received a couple of different diagnoses and had tried several different treatments without any results. Someone suggested Firefly therapy and within a week of a few treatments, my hands were finally on the road to recovery. I can’t express enough my gratitude and relief that I received from this therapy.”

Wendy S.

A patient describes how Firefly eliminated his fungal infection

Long time IBS sufferer describes recovery with Firefly therapy


“I suffered severe damage to the ligaments in my ankle while playing basketball. With Firefly Therapy I was able to speed up recovery and help get the broken blood vessels and stiff leather-like tissues to loosen up. This therapy has also helped relieve stiffness and chronic pain in my lower back giving injured or sore areas an energized feeling and increased flexibility.”

Ryan G.


“I find the Firefly infrared light device invaluable for my husband’s Parkinson’s. Recently when I returned from a 7-day trip, I found him weak and in a frozen state. No one had used our rented Firefly on him while I was gone. Otherwise, he had plenty of food, rest, medication, and exercise. I was so concerned I immediately booked a Firefly Clinic Pro treatment with our doctor. I was amazed at how much better he was afterward. When we arrived home he walked into the house, made us a smoothie, walked into the club and cycled for 20 minutes, walked back into the house, had a clearer mind, and got himself ready for bed with no assistance. This dramatic improvement convinced us to buy the Firefly Home model.”

Marsh H.

Chronically ill Auto-Immune patient with Hashimotos and Epstein Barr recovers after Firefly treatment.

Karen shares how her long battle with “gut bugs”
was relieved with Firefly Light Therapy


“I just wanted to share with you the pre and post-light therapy clock tests I administered to my Mother. I am thrilled to see the improvement! As you can see by the post-test, her drawing of the clock was accurate. I was observing her strategy of doing the post-therapy task and saw that she executed just as I would have, i.e., by putting the 12, 3, 6, and 9 numbers first and then judging the spacing of the clock times between these numbers. I am definitely leaning towards getting the home version of Firefly to ensure the positive changes can be maintained for both my mother and father.”

Debra D.


“The Firefly has greatly improved my quality of life. I have been using the Firefly Home unit for over a year, integrating the therapy into my morning exercise routine and using it again in the afternoon. The biggest improvement I have seen is in my sleep. I used to awake 10 or more times per night, required a CPAP machine, and had to take naps in the afternoon. After using the Firefly for a couple of months I only awake occasionally at night, no longer require the CPAP, and don’t need to take an afternoon nap! My tremors have also improved significantly allowing me to operate a variety of power saws with confidence I won’t cut myself. My driving has even improved as I don’t have the shoulder pain I once did. I know these positive improvements are due to the Firefly Light Therapy as I have not changed my current medication type nor dosage. Finally, I am confident the Firefly is slowing the progression of my Parkinson’s diagnosis. I would recommend anyone with neurological disease try the Firefly.

Ken Avery, former Linebacker

New York Giants, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Kansas City Chiefs


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