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Firefly Light Therapy results can be compared using infrared imaging, or thermography that reveals increased blood circulation. A baseline infrared image is taken before Firefly light therapy and used to determine the proper course of treatment. This image is then stored on the computer system. After an initial course of 4-6 treatments, the scan is repeated. Changes in blood circulation are noted and used to assess the efficacy of treatment and determine prognosis.

Below are some examples of pre- and post-treatment infrared scans. Orange to red warmer colors in the pretreatment images indicates inflammation and pain. Patients experiencing numbness and poor circulation before treatment show warmer colors after treatment indicating increased blood circulation.

Poor circulation in legs and feet - pre Biophoton treatment

The cool colors indicate poor circulation.

thermal image - car accident

Large red area reveals car accident pain.

thermal image - wrist injury

Warm areas indicate a severe wrist injury.

thermal image - painful neuropathy of the feet

Warm areas indicate painful neuropathy of the feet.

Improved circulation due to BioPhoton treatment

The warm colors show amazing improvement.

Thermal image - post Biophoton therapy

Note the dramatic reduction in inflammation.

Thermal image of wrist injury - post Biophoton therapy

Pain and inflammation are nearly gone.

Thermal image of neuropathy in feet - post Biophoton therapy

Neuropathy is barely visible post treatment.

“I had a skin rash on my hands for three months that was not only extremely painful, but I was incapable of using my hands and had lost my job. I had received a couple of different diagnoses and had tried several different treatments without any results.

“Someone suggested Firefly therapy and within a week of a few treatments, my hands were finally on the road to recovery. I can’t express enough my gratitude and relief that I received from this therapy.”

Wendy S.

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