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Every Firefly Includes:

Firefly Light Therapy Models

Firefly has 2 different models to choose from. The high-powered Clinic Pro model is designed for and is only sold to qualified practitioners. The Firefly Clinic Pro is powered by our new custom designed LED chip increasing the maximum output from 8,900 mW to 75,400 mW when using both wands (an increase of more than 8x!). This allows for much quicker treatment sessions (reduced from 15 mins to 5 mins per area) and greater penetration depth up to 8″ into the body. We also offer some valuable add-on components in our full package.

Our home model is designed for patients to use on a regular basis with a simple interface and no computer hardware or software requirements. This unit is still very powerful with 37,700 mW using one wand so practitioners may want to order a combination of both. We always suggest that patients meet with a practitioner to determine the proper treatment before buying a home unit.

The Clinic Pro Model

The Clinic Pro has 2 external sources for frequency modulation and is sold with 2 wands. This means you can operate 2 wands simultaneously with the added advantage of frequency mixing. Mixing frequency information can destroy pathogens and reverse the symptoms of patients with cognitive decline. We are currently testing this theory using the Clinic Pro for patients with Dementia and pathogen disorders in multiple clinical trials. See our research page for exciting study results.

Add an F-scan and Function Generator for a Full Firefly Package

Both the F-Scan and Function Generator are important tools to pinpoint patient issues.

The F-Scan and Function Generator can be used with the Clinic Pro Model to identify foreign organisms and substances in the body. The procedure is quick and non-invasive. Frequency information from the scan is used to program the Function Generator which inputs frequency information to the Firefly, allowing a customizable therapy tailored to the patient’s specific health ailments. We also have a new app that will be installed and configured on a laptop with every F-scan sold to eliminate any user error on programming the settings.

Compare the Difference – We Outshine the Rest!

The chart below highlights top brands in light therapy you may have considered. Notice the advantage of multi-spectral programmable therapy Firefly offers as well as the phenomenal output power. And now with our leasing offer, you can start treating patients today and earn enough to far exceed the monthly payment.

Pricing subject to change without notice.

*For the best results in treating pathogens and neuro-cognitive disease, add the Fscan, Function Generator and Laptop with Firefly App ($6,685) to the Clinic Pro for a total of $29,680. 

Firefly Pays for Itself Quickly!

This chart shows the approximate monthly revenue you can achieve with the full Clinic Pro package. Treatments are so quick, Firefly Light Therapy co-designer Dr. Martin Bales has seen up to 22 patients in one DAY. Leasing rates are subject to change.

The Home Model

Patients with chronic conditions often need the kind of regular ongoing treatment that makes frequent visits to a practitioner impractical. The Firefly Home model was designed for patients’ personal use after their treatment with a practitioner or a consultation with Dr. Bales or his team. Light therapy administered at home is not only easy but safe when the practitioner treatment protocol is followed. Patients with Parkinson’s and Dementia have been reporting promising results with the Firefly Home Model when they use the system regularly.

Our Mission

If you research comparable systems like the chart above you’ll see that our power levels are considerably higher yet we offer the lowest base price we possibly can. We do this to help as many practitioners as we can expand their practice and increase their income, and to help as many patients who are suffering from debilitating pain, gut health issues, and cognitive decline as we can. We’ve passed savings along by staying small and lean and by not relying on investors that we need to please.

My father Maurice Bales has personally donated 8,000+ hours in his lab developing the BioPhoton 100 and now the Firefly, and clinics that believe in this therapy are doing pre-trial work for us pro bono. We control our own sourcing and have our custom LED chips manufactured and produced in bulk to keep costs low. Finally, when you buy from us you’ll probably notice that we don’t use fancy packaging. While we’re working toward improving this, it’s just another way we keep our overhead in check. As a practicing clinician, I know how beneficial this therapy has been to my patients and I’m on a mission to get it into as many offices as possible by keeping costs down and volume high.

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Firefly Clinic Pro Model

Basic Standard Package
Best for Destroying Pathogens and Treating Cognitive Decline

Firefly Home Model

Best When Frequent Treatment is Needed for Chronic Conditions