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The patient is interviewed, and, based on their complaint, treated with Firefly multi-spectrum light therapy for 5-20 minutes in the appropriate areas. Moderate pain relief is often achieved after only one treatment; however a series of treatments is often prescribed to limit recurrence of pain.

Faster healing: Accelerates cell development in damaged tissue as well as stimulating bone and cartilage regeneration

Anti-inflammatory action: Reduces swelling and accelerates healing times of soft tissue injuries

Increased vascular activity: Results in an increase of microcirculation of lymphatic system and small blood vessels in injured tissue

Stimulates nerve function: Accelerates the regeneration of damaged nerves.

Fast: Typical treatment is between 10 and 20 minutes

Nonpharmalogical: No hidden side effects

Safe: Emits pure, non-ionizing light

Non-invasive: Unlike painful injections, the skin is not physically penetrated

Economical: Costs less than other therapy and offers greater benefits

Unlike other modalities, no sticky pads or cold gels are required. Most patients feel a pleasant warming sensation over the treatment area.

As with any therapy, it is not applied over cancer, infection, a pregnant uterus, or the eyes. Patients with these conditions CAN be treated with Photon Therapy at other locations in their body.

Photon Therapy does not emit any x-ray (ionizing) radiation. It only emits pure light. Unlike a laser’s focused light, light emitted by this therapy diffuses and reduces the risk of burn.

Yes. Because the treatment is so comfortable, children and seniors welcome its beneficial effects. There are also no worries about applying therapy over many types of implanted medical devices.

This varies based on many factors, including chronicity of disease, strength of immune system, frequency of treatments, and much more. A series of 4 treatments is usually administered to evaluate effectiveness and determine the appropriate number of additional sessions.

Only trained, licensed health care professionals should provide therapy. It is required that proper chart notes, treatment plan and protocol are followed.

Yes. Photon therapy works well alone or with other therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy and many more.

Yes. High-resolution infrared images taken before and after the initial treatment clearly detail blood circulation and the effect of Photon Therapy. Please refer to our results page to see infrared images from before and after treatment.