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Firefly Features and Benefits

The Firefly Clinic Pro and Firefly Home light therapy devices represent the latest in an evolution of 22 years of research and clinical usage offering unprecedented ease in selecting modulation frequencies combined with multi-wavelength light output 10x more powerful than the leading LED devices, all at an affordable price. Both the Clinic Pro and Home Models include the control unit, treatment wand (2 wands for the Clinic Pro), power cord, 2 pairs of protective glasses, and user manual. Please note, the powerful light transmitter wand should never be looked at directly or indirectly.

The Clinic Pro allows the practitioner to operate 2 wands simultaneously for twice the power and includes 2 inputs from 2 external frequency sources with the added advantage of frequency mixing. An F-scan device, Function Generator and our new app loaded onto a dedicated laptop may also be purchased for a complete package to help pinpoint pathogens for elimination. This package helps doctors address digestive disorders, co-infections from Lyme disease, as well as the infections and bad bacteria associated with brain fog and confusion in dementia patients by mixing frequency information. Our recent clinical trial as well as many other studies reveal very promising results for these difficult cases.

The Firefly Home unit features 3 internal options, with no external frequency source input. This is still a very powerful device at 37,710mW of power and perfect for daily treatments that chronic conditions may indicate. If your clinic is only treating for pain this may be a viable option for you. Practitioners can also sell these units to their patients or offer our Rent-to-Own program.

Firefly Specs: Output Wavelengths and Optical Output Power

More Penetrating Power

Output power is a very important factor for permeation depth. While lower-powered devices (typically operating in the 500 mW or less range) may benefit cells at the superficial level, they fail to penetrate deeper tissue, which is often the root problem of chronic disease. The Firefly has the ability to target tissues deep within the body. More power equates to more photon energy being transmitted to the cells, which also reduces the duration and number of treatments.

“I suffered severe damage to the ligaments in my ankle while playing basketball. With Firefly Therapy I was able to speed up recovery and help get the broken blood vessels and stiff-leather like tissues to loosen up. This therapy has also helped relieve stiffness and chronic pain in my lower back giving injured or sore areas an energized feeling and increased flexibility.” Ryan G.

More Stimulating Light

The Firefly has mixed-spectrum blue, red and 850 and 940nm far infrared light. It has been shown that blue light stimulates lymph activity, promotes healing of cutaneous injuries (burns, cuts, and contusions) and even helps to combat MRSA. The benefits of 850nm and 940nm near Infrared light include increased ATP production, vasodilation in injured tissues of arteries, lymphatics, and veins, stimulation of stem cells, reduced inflammation, relief of pain, myofascial release, increased delivery of oxygen into the mitochondria, increased production of collagen, and boosts immunity.

“I can safely say that in the more than 30 years I have been a medical-care provider, no technology has had a more profound effect on my practice – and on the lives of my patients.” Len Saputo, MD.

Features at a Glance

Features at a Glance

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“I find the Firefly infrared light device invaluable for my husband’s Parkinson’s. Recently when I returned from a 7-day trip, I found him weak and in a frozen state. No one had used our light therapy device on him while I was gone. Otherwise, he had plenty of food, rest, medication and exercise. I was so concerned I immediately booked a Firefly Clinic Pro treatment with our doctor. I was amazed at how much better he was afterward. We arrived home, he walked into the house, made us a smoothie, walked into the club and cycled for 20 minutes, walked back into the house, had a clearer mind, and got himself ready for bed with no assistance. This dramatic improvement convinced us to purchase the new Firefly Clinic Home.” Marsha H.

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