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Dehydration or Low Immune System?

Q. Is there any way to know the difference between someone that is dehydrated and someone with a low immune system that would cause all of their numbers to be low? I find it hard to believe that someone would come in and not have any high numbers especially when they have a recent complaint.

A. The absolute worst F-Scan that you can see is someone that you know is sick, diagnosed or having symptoms; and having nothing coming up on the F-Scan because it means that their immune system is shot.

And so, if the client is well-hydrated and nothing shows up on the DIRP; it is likely that their immune system isn’t going after any pathogen. That is why they are sick, and you have to activate their immune system, and an easy way to do that, for Home or Pro, is to put the Source Code on 2 for bacteria and viruses or Source Code 4 for parasites, (this Source Code also covers many common bacteria as well) and give treatments over the abdomen and gut: We suggest 10 minutes for 1 to 3 sessions, and then repeat the F-Scan again. And then, most likely, a whole bunch of pathogens is going to come up that you can then treat them for.