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Why Evaluate the Firefly?

Forget everything you know about traditional Light Therapy. Firefly is the only frequency specific, multi-spectral Photobiomodulation device on the market with the penetration and power of a Class IV laser and the affordability of an LED.

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Firefly Light Therapy represents 22 years of R&D by inventor, Maurice Bales, and myself, Dr. Martin Bales with 800+ prior and current models sold. As a practicing doctor I see the positive effects of Firefly Light Therapy daily.

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Health pros nationwide have seen remarkable results with pain, neuro-cognitive decline, and pathogen ablation once they try Firefly. Never before has a single device been able to treat so many diseases so quickly.

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The demo, training, promo, and literature are all free so you’ll have everything you need to get started.
The treatments are fast and easy, and there is no hard sales pitch. We know Firefly speaks for itself.

Who Is a Perfect Fit for a Firefly Eval?

The perfect fit for a Firefly Clinic Pro Eval are owners of Integrative and Functional medicine clinics with a strong desire to grow and diversify services with several practitioners on staff. Financing is available. While we would love everyone to experience the benefits of Firefly, we understand that solo health care professionals with a small patient base may not be able to afford high-end devices.

Our Small Clinic Solution

Rent to Own Firefly Light Therapy

For small clinics and solo practitioners, we offer a Rent-to-Own program on our Home Model rather than the Clinic Pro Evaluation. If you’re in southern California Dr. Bales may be able to provide a free in-person demo. This model is still the most powerful LED on the market. The Rent-to-Own program does require a $2,000 damage deposit, but with just one treatment a day that would cost $65 a session if you went to a practitioner, your deposit will be paid off in one month. LEARN ABOUT THE PROGRAM HERE.

What You’ll Receive

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A Custom Contract

We realize every practice is different and while we have our basic terms, we can offer some flexibility. Our simple contract ensures proper care of our equipment and a patient plan.

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Marketing Materials

We supply informational brochures for your staff, a Q&A style patient brochure, sign up and consent forms, and an event header and post for Facebook, Instagram or email promotion.

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Treatments are easy and training only takes about 20-30 minutes. Dr. Bales will schedule a live zoom training with a Q&A which will be recorded and emailed for staff that cannot attend.

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A Premier Product

Our premier product, the Clinic Pro model is offered for this eval. With its 2 wand capability, you’ll see the most patient benefit in the shortest amount of time.

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Patient Surveys

Before and after surveys will be supplied in digital or paper format to determine patient progress and relief. This gives everyone important feedback.

Better Patient Outcomes Have Never Been Easier.

What Doctors Tell Us

“The pain is gone…I can’t believe it!” Those are the words of Jack, a patient whose pain suddenly disappeared after two decades of unrelenting pain from diabetic neuropathy and a treatment program that not only profoundly interfered with his quality of life but also resulted in an addiction to a myriad of pharmaceutical drugs. It was just that fast—two treatments with an invisible light and his pain disappeared. Incredible! No more medicines. He began feeling like his old self—he could think clearly and his zest for life returned. Jack’s family thinks it was a miracle. While photonic stimulation sounds like “Star Trek” medicine—something out of the future that seems too far-fetched to exist in today’s world, I can safely say that in the more than 30 years I have been a medical-care provider, no technology has had a more profound effect on my practice than Firefly – and on the lives of my patients.”

Len Sauputo, MD

Internal Medicine Specialist, Author & Speaker

How Does the Eval Work?

This is not a complex clinical trial. We keep our eval process simple, yet effective. There’s no cost to your clinic and all we ask is that you follow our process and give us honest feedback. You’ll receive our premier product, the Clinic Pro with 2 wands so you’ll see the most benefit in the least time.

Try Firefly in 5 Easy Steps!

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Agree on Terms

You’ll begin by filling out our application form below. Dr. Bales will call within 3 days to see if your practice is a good fit for the eval and create a custom contract. A $2,500 credit card deposit is required before the Firefly is sent. Your card will not be charged unless the equipment is damaged or not returned. We cover all shipping costs.

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Inform and Choose Your Patients

We supply the marketing materials to let your patients know about the evaluation but encourage you to hand pick them. Choose 10-12 patients with ailments that best represent what your practice sees on a daily basis. You’ll need at least 8 people to participate. Patients who want to participate
will need to sign a simple consent form.

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Receive Training

Patient Consent Forms and the Doctor Eval Contract must be signed and returned to Bales Photonics before the equipment is sent. Once received, a 30-minute zoom will be scheduled to train you and your staff. Treatments for pain, injuries, and neuropathy are very easy. Neuro-cognitive decline patients require more than the 4 treatments, but we’re happy to accomodate you.

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Evaluate the Firefly

Practitioners will conduct our 2 question survey evaluating the patients’ pain or current condition. Our digital survey is accessed on our site and reports automatically. To properly evaluate the Firefly, patients receiving light therapy for pain require a minimum of 4 treatments over a 1-2 week period. Treatments are simple and take no more than 10 minutes.

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Get Feedback

The final survey is also short and will help you determine if the Firefly is working for your patients. All we ask for honest feedback and welcome patient testimonials, especially videos! Let your patients know they can use their phone and email them to us or that we may contact them for follow-up information or a testimonial.

Inform Staff and Patients Easily at No Cost

Years of extensive device engineering research and development


Less than the cost of the most powerful Class 4 medical lasers

700+ successful current and prior models sold to integrative medical doctors

More powerful than any traditional LED technology on the market

What Patients Tell Us 

I am confident the Firefly is slowing the progression of my Parkinson’s diagnosis. I would recommend anyone with neurological disease try the Firefly.

Former Linebacker Ken Avery

Ken Avery

Former Pro Linebacker with Parkinson’s

Doctors told me I would not be able to walk again. With Firefly treatment the pins and needles, the stabbing pain – it’s just gone. I WILL be dancing at my daughter’s wedding!

Linda describes Firefly Light Therapy experience

Linda T.

Patient with Neuropathy Caused by Chemotherapy

I was incapable of using my hands and had lost my job. I tried many different treatments without results. Within a few Firefly treatments, my hands are recovering!

Wendy S.

Patient with Debilitating Skin Rash

See How a Single Device Can Treat So Many Diseases So Quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens During a Typical Treatment Session?

The patient is interviewed, and, based on their complaint, treated with Firefly multi-spectrum light therapy for 5-20 minutes in the appropriate areas. Moderate pain relief is often achieved after only one treatment; however a series of treatments is often prescribed to limit recurrence of pain.

What are the Advantages Compared To Other Therapies?

Faster healing: Accelerates cell development in damaged tissue as well as stimulating bone and cartilage regeneration

Anti-inflammatory action: Reduces swelling and accelerates healing times of soft tissue injuries

Increased vascular activity: Results in an increase of microcirculation of lymphatic system and small blood vessels in injured tissue

Stimulates nerve function: Accelerates the regeneration of damaged nerves.

Fast: Typical treatment is between 10 and 20 minutes

Nonpharmalogical: No hidden side effects

Safe: Emits pure, non-ionizing light

Non-invasive: Unlike painful injections, the skin is not physically penetrated

Economical: Costs less than other therapy and offers greater benefits


Are The Treatments Uncomfortable or Painful?

Unlike other modalities, no sticky pads or cold gels are required. Most patients feel a pleasant warming sensation over the treatment area.

Are There Any Contraindications?
As with any therapy, it is not applied over cancer, infection, a pregnant uterus, or the eyes. Patients with these conditions CAN be treated with Photon Therapy at other locations in their body.
Is There Any Radiation Danger or Potential to be Burned or Shocked?
Photon Therapy does not emit any x-ray (ionizing) radiation. It only emits pure light. Unlike a laser’s focused light, light emitted by this therapy diffuses and reduces the risk of burn.
Is Photon Therapy Safe for Children and Senior Citizens?
Yes. Because the treatment is so comfortable, children and seniors welcome its beneficial effects. There are also no worries about applying therapy over many types of implanted medical devices.
How Many Treatments Are Needed?
This varies based on many factors, including chronicity of disease, strength of immune system, frequency of treatments, and much more. A series of 4 treatments is usually administered to evaluate effectiveness and determine the appropriate number of additional sessions.
Who May Administer Photon Therapy?
Only trained, licensed health care professionals should provide therapy. It is required that proper chart notes, treatment plan and protocol are followed.
Can Photon Therapy be Combined with Other Therapies?
Yes. Photon therapy works well alone or with other therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy and many more.
Can Changes in Blood Circulation be Monitored?
Yes. High-resolution infrared images taken before and after the initial treatment clearly detail blood circulation and the effect of Photon Therapy. Please refer to our results page to see infrared images from before and after treatment.
For More Questions, Please Contact Martin@balesphotonics.com

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